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Isn’t hatred sin still the best pressure spec in the game? With star parse on I’ve seen my dps peak at 71k when I dot spread and use the recklessness> death field combo. I feel like it can still pressure healers to the point where its other weaknesses are justifiable from a balancing perspective. I mean 13k dps games are no joke. Even if it’s “fluff” it will still invalidate a healer and open up doors for hardswap.
I can agree that the weaknesses are justifiable, I just don't like the direction the spec has gone. Serenity always had AoE pressure, but we had this AoE pressure at the cost of burst. Today the AoE pressure is out of hand and it feels like it has been at the cost of our single-target sustained damage. I had a game yesterday when I got 7,5k dps. It's nowhere near 13k but it was the highest I've seen since returning to the game (in December) and it was a game where I was allowed to DoT-spread a lot. But I didn't get many kills, truth be told. In fact, I got 1 kill, and the enemy team only had 2 healers. When I didn't spread my DoTs I focused on attacking them but it was to little avail. They both had 0 deaths.

Consider the changes that Force in Balance/Death Field has gone through; it used to strike three targets in the past and was then buffed to five and then buffed to eight. The Force Suppression/Deathmark charges it applied used to be a 10 stack but today it's 15 stacks. It was impossible to make use of all the Force Suppression stacks unless the DoTs could be spread faster, so they implement that and for a while (I believe it was in early 3.x or late 2.x) Serenity was overpowered because Force in Balance would spread the DoTs. To balance this they reduced its range from 30 meters to 10! And, in their words, because of how powerful DoT-spreading was they also had to reduce the radius of the ability from 8 meters to 5 meters...

Consider also that Force Suppression charges, when consumed, would return a bit of Force, meaning our Force regeneration was much smoother back in the day. We lost this in 2.0 and they haven't really done anything to make the generation smoother; we're still forced to fall back on saber strike every so often. So, yeah, DoT-spreading is powerful but it has contributed to so many changes that has just made the spec more boring. The design in 1.x was elegant; Force in Balance would hit three targets and debuff them because that was as many targets the player was likely to be able to keep DoTs on and if they did this they were rewarded with a burst of force regeneration which made their sustained damage higher. That's good design.

DoT-spreading isn't.