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02.06.2018 , 05:01 PM | #178
What makes me sad with this game is the "rerolling FOTM factor" created from time to time.

I'm not gonna reroll another class just to stomp people more easily.

Fun thing is that a lot of the people playing FOTM (except Marauders) are there backpedaling and clicking, while using skills. This only hints me the huge skill gap between playing these classes and other ones, like DPS sins, juggs and Marauders.

I have a juggernaut as my main and I like playing it, but I have to admit that being a melee in this game has never been easy.

There's a lot of bad players that make my life less excruciating when playing pvp...but the tools for a good ranged class player are there: kiting, roots, snares, stuns, boosts, CC immunity, long range attacks, insta cast, self healing, Shields, deflecting perks...'s like Bioware wants you to pay for your sins by chosing to be melee.

Again: the amount of bad ppl playing makes your life a lil easier, but some situations, like one i've faced last night (2 snipers and 2 mercs) makes you regret being a melee in this game.
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