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01.17.2012 , 11:11 AM | #10
Why is it so hard to understand that this kinda thing happens. they said they would release the major content when they did because i'm sure up until just the other day most likely everything looked fine. then i'm sure at the last moment someone found a very bad,possibly game breaking bug. i'm sure they didn't want to push back the release but they would probably rather make sure it works right then piss a bunch more people off when the patch does go live. so in other words grow up, and think for a second that S*** happens and we can't forecast the future. final note, 20 bucks says you've got lots of people in your "progression guild" that still need help with dailies and getting geared to even start serious raiding maybe not even ready to do the hardmode flashpoints, so stop being a whiny little girl and do something else. BFD.