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05.06.2020 , 09:08 AM | #3
Thanks for the answers. I stopped playing seriously around Hutt cartel. I finished the story lines of Kotet but then I never really did any profession stuff. So I guess as far as professions I need something thats most viable for leveling, solo content and a bit of endgame.

As far as classes, I am not sure I like the janky rotation of the janky rotation of the sorc. I feel like with the jedi the instant skills kind of flow better than the strange feeling i get from the sorc. I still want to finish the base story with it so maybe it will feel better. But right now once I get done with the opener, the fight turns into a weird concoction of a turret class with a few instacasts. I don't like it. Also mobs burn through my shield and my own heals don't keep up. So I have to rely on my companions healing and my trashy dps because my gear socks. Overall just not fun. I was hoping to play a class that I can do heroic missions on base worlds while running with dps companion and being able to ward off attacks with my cool downs and cc.