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05.06.2020 , 05:57 AM | #1
hello all!

These questions have been asked a few times but a few years ago. So was wondering to get some updated answers.

1: I have played a jedi guardian and a trooper to the end of kotet seemed like the romance with lana is the only ongoing romance that I can have. I know that Kira returned. If I romance her again, will there be any further developments to that or is lana the only one where the relationship keeps going?

2: I want to play an empire side too. I don't want to play Juggernywarrior so thought about either Marauder or Assassin. After playing a lightning sorc and almost dying to a few basic mobs, was curious which would have more basic survival skills?

3: do professions matter and is biochem still best option?

Thank you everyone so much! Really appreciate and all input