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01.20.2012 , 02:07 PM | #751
After thinking about it a little more, my concern becomes: How the hell did fixing reactive abilities break this? They should not be connected.

The new issue is that abilities on their own CD show lit above the CD line and grey beneath it. The change that caused it is making abilities that are on the GCD but can be cast after it show as lit. Not as lit above the GCD line and grey beneath it, fully lit. This seems to have no connection to the new issue.

This could then be caused by 2 things as I see it. Either this was a seperate change they made that they thought we would like (lolwut?) or their UI code is all jacked up and convoluted and changing one thing inadvertently effects the other.

If it is the second it is probably because it used to work this way and they did a quick fix that didnt really fix the issue, and this new issue is just them reverting the old "fix" and causing the old issue again. This is instead of actually coding a proper fix, i.e. making GCD show as lit and regular CD show as grey, period.

If it is the first, I have little hope that they will eventually have a good working functional UI that doesnt make me badly crave user made mods.

Either way, its not looking good for their UI.

EDIT: Honestly, as stupid as this issue is, it is hardly the gamebreaking problem that some are claiming. Its intention was to fix certain issues which it did quite well. On my toons, the incidents of using the new functionality far outweigh the incidents of being screwed by the new flaw. Yes it sucks not being able to clearly see abilities that are on CD, but for the most part you CAN still see it if you are looking at the bottom bar instead of just glancing at the color of the box.

Again, yes it sucks, but i would still say the change is overall beneficial, it just needs to be refined further.
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