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CHRONICLES PRESENT, 20: In which Nalenne learns something surprising

Time period: After Andronikos Revel comes aboard the Helicarrier

“So. Hero of Tython.” Nalenne slouched further into the couch.

“Yeah,” said Vette. “So far the captain’s turned up no leads from his super-special intelligence whatever he’s got access to.”

“You get anything through your friends?”


“Why does the Hand care, anyway? So he saved Tython or something. And wrecked my Comic Con experience. (*) Big deal.”

“Uh,” said Vette.


“You didn’t hear about that?”

“Um, no.”

“It was Rho who actually snuck into the Dark Temple on Dromund Kaas and took out the Voice of the Emperor. That’s why he wasn’t giving you orders for a few months.”

“Why does no one tell me these things!?”

“I thought it was common knowledge. Besides, you kill most people who might have interesting news before they can start talking. You brought this on yourself.”

“So they want me to take out a guy who beat up the Emperor’s Voice.”

“You beat up the Emperor’s Voice, too. In time to get back to the Voss-Ka cantina for lunch.”

“He wasn’t resisting at the time.”

“Pep talk, Nalenne. Stop ruining it.”

“How about we ignore this job for now. Ugh. I can’t believe nobody told me he killed the Emperor.”

Pierce paused on his way through the room. “You didn’t hear about that?”

"Stop rubbing it in, Lieutenant."

"Any other news we need to catch you up on?"

"How would I know?"

Vette giggled.

"I hate you guys."
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