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I really thought I had posted this already.

CHRONICLES PRESENT, 19: In which the Hand calls

Time period: After Andronikos Revel comes aboard the Helicarrier

When the holocall came up, Nalenne set aside her Duranium Man reading and fired up the main holoprojector.

Servants One and Two rippled into view. The two cultists stared grimly at Nalenne.

Nalenne stared grimly at the two cultists.

“The Wrath is…doing well, we hope?” Servant Two intoned awkwardly.

“Was doin’ great until about ten seconds ago. What news from the latest ex-employer to try to shaft me?” (*)

“The Emperor requires your services,” said Servant One.

“Told you not to call me back ‘til you’ve found a fight worthy of me. Name it, quick.”

“The Hero of Tython is on the move again,” said Servant One.

“The Wrath had better have improved her game since last time,” quavered Servant Two.

“So you want me to off him? Time and place, I’ll be there.”

“Figuring out the time and place is your problem,” said Servant One. “Unless you’ve gotten to be terrible at that, too.”

“I’m the same lean, mean, hunting-killing machine I’ve always been!”

Servant One ran an eloquent look down around her hips and back. “I can agree on ‘mean,’” he said.

“I’ve had just about enough of you two,” said Nalenne.

“The Emperor commands-“

Andronikos stepped forward and kicked the holo controls off.

Nalenne clapped her hands to her mouth to get over the original urge to squeal. “That was the sexiest thing I have ever seen in my life,” she squeaked after a moment.

“My lord,” said Quinn, looking outraged.

“Ha!” said Pierce, looking delighted.

“Should try it yourself next time they give you grief,” Andronikos told Nalenne.

“But they’re supposed to…you know. They call, give me orders, I complain, I do it. It’s the natural order of things.”

“A lot of the natural order of things could do with a solid kick.”

“It’s outright treason against the Hand and is exactly the kind of thing you know better than to indulge in, my lord,” said Quinn.

“It was awesome,” said Vette.

“Given that those Servants are the closest things to personifications of pure evil I’ve seen, I have to agree with Vette,” said Jaesa.

“Let’s not make it a big deal, huh?” said Andronikos. “We got plans today?”

“Duranium Man back issues,” said Nalenne. “I’ve been too busy to keep up lately.”

“You hung up on the Emperor’s Hand for comic books?” demanded Quinn.

“No. Andronikos hung up on them for dramatic and comic effect. I’m just taking advantage.”

Andronikos coughed. “Right, then. Can I take the helm, bring us out to a certain interesting-weaponry bazaar that’s on a little ways coreward from here?”

“Yeah, can he?” said Pierce hopefully.

“Go for it. Quinn, go see about getting some bio-mad-science supplies for Broonmark wherever we land. Girls…you want to just camp out in the holo room tonight, watch some vid or other, braid each other’s lekku? I have a strong suspicion I won’t be welcome in my own bed.”

“Why?” said Andronikos. “I’m the one who flipped the switch.”

“Yeah,” said Nalenne, “but I’m the one who really, really enjoyed it.”
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