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That kid has a bright future.

On WEDNESDAYS, FCD is staffed by T7-01 and SCORPIO.

This directly references the discoveries of HK-51's first appearance.

SCORPIO is busy convincing T7-01 that there is an urgent errand to run somewhere well off daycare grounds. Meanwhile, BABY KALIYO leads BABY THARAN to the shelf where the keyboard console box known as HK-51 rests. BABY THARAN clutches the purple pony MY LITTLE HOLIDAY tightly as Kaliyo flicks on the power to HK-51.
BABY THARAN: 'HK-51' is...a Speak and Spell?
BABY KALIYO: In Huttese, yeah.
HK-51: Salutation: Greetings! Are you ready to educate organics today?
BABY THARAN eyes BABY KALIYO uncertainly.
BABY THARAN: You think this has hidden subroutines?
BABY KALIYO: Definitely. Ask Jorgan's whiskers if you don't believe me.
BABY THARAN looks uncertain, but settles down beside HK-51.
HK-51: Encouraging query: Can you spell DROID?
BABY THARAN: I could spell myeloencephalitis if I felt like it. My skills are not in question.
MY LITTLE HOLIDAY: You're so smart, Tharan!
HK-51: Stiff query: Can you spell PRETENTIOUS GIT?
BABY THARAN, ignoring it: So how did you say this alternate programming was activated?
BABY KALIYO: Pierce kicked it across the room.
BABY THARAN: And then it acted differently?
BABY KALIYO: You could say that.
HK-51: Change of tactics: Would the organics like to play a game?
BABY THARAN carefully selects a wooden block from the toybin and comes back to slam it onto HK-51's screen.
BABY THARAN: Anything different?
HK-51: Wounded assertion: No, master. Though a game that does not involve blunt trauma would be appreciated.
BABY THARAN: Hmm. Holiday, any ideas?
MY LITTLE HOLIDAY: If you could plug a data conduit from my mane to his main processor, I could analyze his programming from there.
SCORPIO's head swivels to face them.
SCORPIO: Yes. Continue, children.
BABY KALIYO: Ooh, that never means anything good.
BABY THARAN: It doesn't?
BABY KALIYO: Never mind, genius-boy. Have at it.
BABY THARAN painstakingly braids some of MY LITTLE HOLIDAY's sparkly mane and plugs it into a data port on HK-51's side.
MY LITTLE HOLIDAY: All right then! Let's just take a look at this guy's programming...
HK-51: Smug statement: You asked for it.
MY LITTLE HOLIDAY twitches, her mane falling free of the improvised connection, and falls over.
BABY THARAN: HEY! Holiday! Holiday?
MY LITTLE HOLIDAY: i have seen madness
SCORPIO: But are you articulate enough to warn the others, I wonder?
HK-51: Self-satisfied remark: I doubt she'll ever want to discuss this little peek into my mind with the organics.
BABY THARAN, hugging MY LITTLE HOLIDAY: What did you do!?
HK-51: Recommendation: Think of it as a lesson in being yourself.
SCORPIO: Interesting advice coming from a designated sleeper agent.
HK-51: Suddenly innocuous protest: I'm sure I don't understand what you mean, master.
BABY KALIYO: Well, it's no plasma gun, but I'd call this bad enterprise a success.
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