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The Sith Empire is ruled from Kaas City by the Emperor and the members of the Dark Council. Beneath them where the Ministry of War headed by the Minister of War (who answers to 2 Sphere's: the Sphere of Defence of the Empire, theSphere of Offensive and the Sphere of Military Strategy), it is responsible for the Imperial Navy and the Imperial Army aswell as soldier deployment, combat tactics, special operations, black ops missions and the general strategy of the war. Furthermore they where responsible for law enforcement and the Imperial Reclamation Service (this would also fall under the Sphere of Ancient Knowledge ). The Ministry of Intelligence is headed by the Minister of Intelligence and answers to the Sphere of Imperial Intelligence, it mission is to gather information and sowing dis-information if need be. Imperial Intelligence and Outreach Bureau are part of it. The Ministry of Logistics headed by the Minister of Logistics report to the Sphere of Production and Logistics although they could work for other sphere's to