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Would you like to see another deep-dive? More interviews? If so, with who? For example, for “The Making of Onderon” article would you like another sit-down with Charles, or maybe someone from the art team? Let me know your thoughts!
My hope would be to bring back the "Companions 101" series, but I'm not sure how possible that would be. I do love reading behind the scenes articles about the game, so those would be great to see. Maybe something involving the music in the game (With downloads?), or a lore article about the planets and events leading up to and in Onslaught.

One thing I know I'd love to see, would be a web continuation of the original SWTOR Encyclopedia, updated with information from the release of RotHC to now. Things like a timeline for events from RotHC to Onslaught, biographical information of the companions and other characters added to the game since the original SWTOR Encyclopedia was released (HK-51, Treek, Theron, Lana, etc), who built HK-55 (Even if it makes my headcanon null and void), information about the planets added since RotHC, why do certain Knights of Zakuul have different colored armor, stuff like that.

And short stories, those are always great to read. Maybe something involving the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine being haunted by Force Ghosts, a look into what Satele and Marr, or the six missing companions are up to now, a visit to the long abandoned(?) HK factory on Telos IV?
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