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You may want to take a hard look at commando healers for pvp now. The extra utility point and utility tree rearrangement has made them a lot stronger for pvp healing. They can achieve ridiculous levels of casting immunity now and with the right utilities can face tank multiple dps. The tactical that lets them cast medical probe while moving is a one item wonder for pvp.

The problem with commando healing wasn't the output, but they had to be immobile to put out the numbers and they just got shut down too easily. With 6.0 those weaknesses are gone and they are by far the tankiest healer with the most mobility.

I put up a few videos of me healing using a facetank build for pvp on my youtube channel. Might be useful for those curious how commandos are doing now.

I agree with the sentiment that 6.0 has really tilted the balance towards dps.
the main problem I have is there doesn't seem to be a way to realistically keep up. Like most classes will hit multiple abilities in the 50-80k range while I'm over there hoping my heal will crit for 40k because the 20k non crit just isn't effective. I had a regs match the other day where I healed 10k hps and took over 7 million damage. I don't mention that to brag or because I think that is some super high number, quite the opposite actually. It's to point out that there is just sooo much damage being pumped out right now, healers are less and less effective at even being a stalling method anymore, let alone contributors. I know one of the best bg mercs on the server (with relative certainty, I've yet to see one better) and one of his highs is a bit over 15k in regs. More often than not, there will be a dps matching that and a second dps not far behind.

It's the age old discussion that's been going on in this game for years. one side thinks that a healer should die to a single dps while the other states that if a healer goes down against a single dps, what's the point of bringing one at all? just being another dps and it's a net gain.
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