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Quote: Originally Posted by Shwarzchild View Post
This is the worst post I think Iíve read in a while. Your personal life is not an excuse to reshape the game in your image.
Funny thing though: he didn't ask to reshape the game at all. Just explaining the way he plays and feels and why, and stating that he'd possibly enjoy a solo-mode, but just continue to do what he does if it was not available.

So basically just an opinion/preference voiced in a polite manner.

No need to project your anger about other posters or the state of the game (in your opinion) on him.

@topic: don't touch existing ops, effort is better spent some place else since they are ancient anyway.
For story archs like Dread Masters offer a parallel ending like Revan for solo players (or don't auto add the operation as a mission or just use the cut scences from the ops as a video).
For future operations (lol): don't tie them to solo play.