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Because each mob, each add, each boss is unique to the operation, while a player is one of four classes. And think of your example in reverse, if the devs scaled each planet up to level 70 - each mob, each add, each boss, each quest vs each of 4 classes. Which is easier and quicker to balance?

I'm just speculating here without any real data.
I go back to my example involving existing scaling. Is taking a say, level 55 guy upscsled to 70 on an operation the same as having a 70? Is going back and doing coruscant heroics at 70 the same as doing them at 16? Obviously no.

Current scaling doesnt consider the classes separately - it ups or downs your stats according (i.e. more damage/less damage) and doesnt even do that all that well.

Thus why I say it's all semantics - you're scaling the boss' stats to 70 or the players to 50/whatever. It's not like actually making you level 50 or whatever (removing abilities/utilties/etc). The only way for them to truly leave these bosses level 50/whatever would be if they had enough ops at endgame to have a pve endgame without the old ones. That number is likely greater than 1, thus the reason they keep recycling old content.

Note I'm actually ok with the old content recycling. I just think trying to make it old content by pretending they're eliminating it from endgame when they're not really is a silly thing on their part. They've been upscaling for years and seem to semi understand how to do that now. Why risk messing up something over semantics?

Edit and tldr: I seriously doubt downscaling puts say EV on the same scale of difficulty as say rav. The scaling has little to do with why EV is easier, the mechanics are the primary differentiator.