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As the title says, the hook count is appallingly low... the actual physical hooks is PERFECT. The problem is the quantity we can place. I've completed my entrance foyer and outside, without even touching the Killik cave and I'm at 12%.

How can you have a SH this HUGE and only 1035 hooks? Rishi is 1600...

Alderaan is TEN TIMES the physical size of Dromund Kass with only THREE TIMES the hook count.

Don't physically add any more hooks, just increase the hook count to at least 1600. Though I'd be willing to bet you could probably go all the way to 2k and still be good lol
Places that need hooks are: The entrance as soon as you come in , it needs a medium hook there, and small hooks are missing from both sides of the entrance way to the main hall. hooks also need to be re-worked in the study, guest chamber & drawing room.