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02.24.2020 , 10:33 PM | #7
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Hook count aside, there also seem to be missing hooks, like small floor hooks on some pedestals but not on others, flooring hooks missing where it seems like there should be one leaving awkwardly bare spots where it seems like a rug should go, things like that.
I still can't unlock Alderaan or Rishi because they won't address the cap, so I'm relying on other folks' reports of bugs in live, but it's incredibly frustrating that the things you mentioned here were specifically called out during the second phase of PTS testing and ignored. While it was clear that they did incorporate some of the fixes/suggestions from the first phase of PTS testing, I don't see any evidence that they actually incorporated anything from the second phase. Which is ironic given the first phase lasted only three days compared to the longer second phase, and unbelievably frustrating because it seems to prove that they prioritized their release schedule over actually devoting time to feedback and improvements. I totally get that release schedules are important, but my good extend the crunch by *one more week* and *actually review the feedback.* It feels like the fruitless battle we fought on PTS about 6.0 crafting all over again, and it's so disheartening.