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There are pretty powerful set bonuses in the game now tied to certain longish cooldown abilities like entrench and mental alacrity which you do not want to delay or elongate the cd on those - you want those to be as short as possible actually without making your crit chance plumet bellow like 35-38%. just a 5 sec difference on such a cooldown makes a huge difference in dps. Check the set boni damage boosts based on your class if your wearing such a set, because most of your dps increase comes in that window when something like entrench or alacrity etc is active. I believe many of the classes not just those two have such a set now. Activating such a cd (so the ability refreshed faster) while under something like an alacrity proc relic in scaled down content will be a petty standard trick I think.

On pure burst no dot damage specs yeah the baseline 1.4gcd / 7.5% alac is fine, rest crit usually. On dot classes I hate going under 10% alac because dots start to "tick" slower and I do think there is at that point a noticeable dps decrease. Maybe in Pvp where you prioritize bigger hits over sustain you can drop it... but there again some neat cooldowns on longer (1 min+) cd abilities will be noticeably slower at 7.5% alac vs 10%.
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