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P-values are one way to compare two sets of data for differences. You want to use different types of statistical tests depending on the nature of the data and the variable being compared. p-values indicate the likelihood that the results or outcome you are observing are due to random chance, with lower p-values being less likely the observed results are due to random chance. A p-value near zero means itís highly unlikely the result is due to random chance.
In this case, dipstik tested several sets of Abilities per minute just spamming a basic attack, at different alacrity ratings. The goal being to prove whether or not GCD rounding to tenths or hundredths of a second was occurring. Based on dipstikís results, the differences between the test runs of basic attack spamming at different alacrity ratings is only significant when the tested alacrity ratings are on different sides of an AR breakpoint. In other words the results pretty much confirm that the GCD is still rounded to tenths of a second.

EDIT: this is proven by the low-breakpoints dipstik chose. An Alacrity Rating of 755, under the new formulae, translates into an Alacrity Percentage of 4.67%. An Alacrity Rating of 862 translates into an Alacrity Percentage of 5.27%. These percentages, if the GCD was rounding to hundredths of a second, would mean a GCD of 1.44 and 1.43 seconds respectively. Dipstik's results show no statistically significant difference between APM at either of those Alacrity Rating levels. Its also followed up in the high breakpoints dipstik chose. The comparisons between an Alacrity Rating of 1293, 1724, and 3017, all between the 1.4 and 1.3s GCD, show no statistically significant difference.
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to add: the summary table png is a table of the 95% confidence intervals of difference between means between the row and column headers. for example, for row (left side) 0 column (top) 755 we have an interval of 0.0226 to 0.0699. That means there is a 95% chance the the difference between the gcd times if you have 0 alacrity and 755 alacrity will be between 0.0226 and 0.0699 seconds. For row 1294 and column 3017 we have an interval from -0.006 and 0.016 seconds. This means that there is a 95% chance that the difference is less than 0.02 seconds (essentially zero).