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I never understood why they didn't tie other systems in the game with strongholds. It seems like a missed opportunity that can promote group based activities.

For example, why don't they make certain quests start from a player stronghold? Imagine if you looted a decoration, that when placed, you could interact with and it would give you a daily mission? If the decoration was rare, people would want to know who on the server had a public stronghold with said item so they could partake in the quest. How about when you load into a players stronghold, you automatically get an area quest that progresses based off of the actions of everyone in the instance, regardless of whether or not they are in your group? What if placing certain item types in your stronghold gave you different type of bonuses in the game world, such as having a minimum number of medical type decorations (across all strongholds) would give you a bonus to being healed (but not bonus in war zones).

Perhaps some of those ideas are stupid, I'm just spit balling and have not thought them through. The point is, there could be more to strongholds than what we have right now.
Yes, the SH could have been tied into all sorts of things.

The Rak/Gree/BBA events for example could all be announced via a news holo terminal on our SHs.
Each class story chapter, and each of the significant chapter breaks post class stories should be awarding a Deco of some kind. Legendary Player should be awarding a centre-piece statue group diorama with an "iconic" member of each class being represented.

They gave us SH and then barely give enough decorations for them, and give us almost no reason to use them.

Allow such things as "crafting stations" that grant a small bonus to crit chances etc, or a Crew Skill Terminal that does the same when gathering missions are initiated through it - add in daily and weekly Crew Skill missions for Crew Skills that can ONLY be initiated via the Crew Skill Terminal etc.

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