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48 IT Consultant
Sith'ari Server, Republic
I play all class and my name always begin with Makk ( Makko,Makku,Makki,Makka )
keeping them near the same level.

Nice to know that there are so many of us.
I play computer games since 86.
WoW was my first MMO, and I was addicted. I raided hardcore 4 years, than quited.
Now SWTOR. I couldn't resist being SW fun.

Noone among my RL friends or even colleagues play any MMO, so they think that I am not completly normal. My wife hate it. My daughters ( I got 4 ) don't have any friend who's parents play MMO, etc, etc.

Playing WoW I always feel some kind of barrier, between me and other players ( younger ?, but I am not sure it's age dependent, maybe it's just me ).
It's some kind of "faster,faster" attitude, which I can't bear. Just run through the instance like storm, being overleveled and overgeared. I just don't get it. I feel comforlable in group when not in hurry. Talk a bit, think a while. Perfect cooperation is so ... exiciting.
I can't describe it well, but I am curious if someone feels the same way. Or it's age independent. I often think about that.
Hey are you sure your not me Hmmmm??
Looking for mature gamers ?
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