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The JC is stated as being "stronger in the Force at 6 years old than I was at 16 (Yuon)" so can't do that for them.
"stronger in the Force at four years old than I was at fifteen", but yes.

My view is that of the four Force-user classes, the least ill-suited(1) to starting in late 20s is the Inquisitor. It is in no way clear what age the Inq is, especially since he/she was picked up in a new "drive for sheer numbers" (to quote Overseer Tremel) as a Force-sensitive slave.

(1) None of them are really well-suited to it, but "initially late 20s" works OK with Inq. The two Jedi stories are predicated on the character being a prodigy (and therefore young, probably 18-20), as noted, while the Sith Warrior is described in the opening cinematic as being on Korriban "ahead of schedule". To me, that says that the Warrior is also probably on the young end.
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