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For pvp and world pvp it was a nerf. See where this game is once they completely disenfranchise the pvp community little nerf here little nerfs there. Pve players like to marginalize us and claim we are a small part of the game you are wrong completely wrong ,you guys come too our servers and try to change our culture we do not go to pve servers complaining about you guys and how your culture is, that example tells me you guys can't even strand your selves. Bw can depend on their algorithms to perpetuate the myth that pve is king in mmo's and should get first consideration in all decisions but they are not considering the psychology of copetetivness and the pvp player and what we bring to mmo's with out us all mmo's die. Or they can keep pumping out content 1000% more than they do now to keep pve'rs happy with out us , the pvp population is low maintenance just keep it fair and balanced as possible point us in a direction and let us play,thats it! BW knows this so I do not get why they want too make pve'ers their main focus and ignore our needs and wants. Bring back self heals as a passive choice in our tree and dump one of our many useless talents. So if you click new passive you no longer get the DR buff and instead we get our self heals back please listen to us BW.
Funny you say this. Most nerfs and class balance are due to PvP for any and every class. This one is one of the few with PvE in mind affecting PvP, and this changed was asked because of the previous big nerf shadow/sin tanks had in 2.0 (apparently, they were too powerful in PvP so people complained and BW listened to them)