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12.17.2013 , 10:10 PM | #16
I wonder what the likelihood is now that self-heals might come back. I am worried that, like most companies, Bioware will support the change being implemented rather than acknowledging that the change may not have been as thought out as possible, and going back.

I still think the argument that taking heals away from an advanced consular class is contrary to what the spirit of that class is. Again, the fact that the consular storyline has the character HEAL others means that they should be proficient in healing.

Game mechanic-wise, fix the self-heals to make the class more robust at the higher levels. Take out the 2.5 second delay between activation, and have increase to % heal rather than damage mitigation as the new buff.

I would hate for SWTOR to go the way of SWG after the CU and NGE.