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My shadow tank is in 72/78 gear with set bonus. Since the removal of TK heal I've run 3/5 DF HM, 4/5 DP HM and a 16 man TFB HM. Admittedly, I am running with good healers, but I didn't feel "squishy" on any of those bosses except for Raptus in DP (30k hits... yikes). I'm also finding myself less reliant on defensive cooldowns, providing I'm staying on top of my rotation and keeping the 4 stacks up as much as possible.

I don't know what the concern is, I would much rather prevent hp loss than have to try win back 2% hp. Compared to the other tank classes, I still feel like things hit me a little bit harder but with good use of cooldowns I can make up for it. And no, we are not some "little brother of the guardian tank"... the shadow tank is just a class of tank which needs a little more attention from the person playing it. It's easier to be a bad tank and get away with it on a guardian or vanguard than it is on a shadow.

In regards to pvp, I feel much much much more stable now than before. If I really need a self heal I'll stealth out, cc whoever I'm fighting if I need to then find a quiet spot and heal myself. Don't see the other tank classes doing that! ;p

Overall, I am very happy with the changes to shadow tanks, my only little niggling wish is that we had a *touch* more natural armour mitigation... and extra 2% more would be perfect in my opinion.
Because pvp isn't as predictable as pve due to the bad guy being another human it is not pve players complaining about it imo it is pvp players. So understanding that there is another type of player that plays swtor is the answer to your question. I am not happy with the changes at all and too see classes like pt having self heal abilities and my guardian being able too boost his life for a bit which is a self heal even if for a short time all I can do is just laugh and shake my head. I thought I would be playing this game for quite a while guess not.