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Honestly I can't agree more about the self heals, I agree that they made the shadow unique, but though they got a buff, they also made it 10 times more difficult to achieve, especially with all the newest events that have a considerable amount of enemies with knockbacks, which makes the buff gained by telekinetic throw practically worthless, and hard to get. It's nice if you can get it, but having tried hard and for the most part failed, even though shadows have been my mains on both servers I'm on (just stating I have experience) I have trouble getting that buff. Honestly there is so much I can't do anymore because it feels like a nerf. My highest geared toon is a shadow tank, she used to be able to solo almost anything bounty contract week, now, she can barely do it at all. They made the shadow the same type of tank as the other two classes, yet with only having light armor, you may as well be a piece of paper going through a shredder. I honestly don't mind the new buff, I do mind at how short it lasts though, especially with how hard it is to get the 4 stacks. I've pretty much put my main to rest and no longer consider shadows as my favorite class because of this "Nuff" (Nerf-buff cause i feel like making a word lol). Can't say it enough, I'm not one to hate decisions Bioware makes, but this one I can't ask enough to bring back the self heals.
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