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Because there isn't a thread for male characters and we need one of those too. (If there is, forgive me I couldn't find it.)

1 - Arcann /swoon

2 - Malgus /Drool

3 - That Zabrak Jedi from the cinematics, Satele's master(?)

4 - Obi wan, from the 2000 movies.

5 - Anakin Skywalker(Hayden Christensen)

6 - Kylo Ren (in the movies only) Sue me.

I think that was about it.
I'd like to offer a few... minor... tweaks to the list. Nothing crazy:

1. Jabba the Hutt /love
2. Salacious Crumb
3. Watto
4. Max Rebo (I mean he's thicc but not jabba thicc)
5. Dexter
6. The Senate himself, Chancellor Palpatine.
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