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He wants to use this life to help the galaxy. It is at a cost to him though. He can barely ever rest, he must always be doing something. He also presents a major danger to galactic events, what if someone finds out his secret? If he continues how will he keep secret? Would you be able to keep his secret, how long could you? He wields incredible power, I have tried to pacify it for the most part. You defeating the other 'one' has helped considerably. The other 'one' has been trying to inflate his powers to the fullest, while I am pacifying them. If he had little power and decided to stay in a quite part of the galaxy, then he would be more willing to meet death. However he has met to many people, he has found some he cares for. He wishes not to die so that he can always protect the ones he cares for. Does this all make sense? He said slowly and always calmly, holding an air of understanding.
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