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I wish to know if you understand why I am here. I will tell you why, I am here because I wish Rafeesh to come back to the Force. He is not meant to be here. That is why he can not rest, only in death will he be truly in the place where he belongs. The only way for me to get him to willingly pass to death, is to make him feel that there is nothing keeping him attached to the living. I wanted him to live a quite life away from all other people, but his mind is one which wants to help the galaxy. So instead of getting him to live in a quite place, I made him stay as close to the jedi code as I could. That way he wouldn't be attached to one person. Does this all make sense? As he spoke he used the Force to make some of the rocks around them to fit in a manner that they became two seats. He beckoned for Ravna to sit.
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