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Just came back after a ragequit break caused by this stupid reign of engi, fury and arsenal. Found my shadow and sin squishier than ever. Not like Iím dying a lot faster but in middle fights/arenas players with awareness focus us among the first and if you get timed stuns you are 99% gonna die.

I canít think of what was the reason behind taking away DR while stunned , not even one knowing the defenses fury has (maras in general with their stupid Ruthless Aggressor, but Fury stands out even more) while carrying one of the best damage potentials for example.

Comparing classes I usually play (sins and ops) I feel like it is more reasonable to play Concealment for time being, as my sin feels like useless ballast against good teams- its weak sides are too easy to exploit by enemy players now.

I totally agree on all counts, save one, just to clarify, there is a huge misconception about Ruthless Aggressor. Ruthless Aggressor only mitigates Force and Tech damage [they still take some of it though]. It does not have any effect on white damage [weapon damage] whatsoever. Ruthless Aggressor does not stop a marauder from taking all damage, they eat every point of the white damage. Furthermore, it only can be used on people who are within 10' of the marauder, so it's of less use against ranged combatants. If a ranged is silly enough to get that close to a Marauder given that their range goes out to 30/35%, that's on them. The smart ones don't give you that opportunity! Nonetheless, it's a good little ability for sure!

Worst combat 'team' ever in this game. They have made so many unjust nerfs to various specs that it defies all logic. They nerf Deception and Carnage into the ground and give Mercs and Snipers a slap on the wrist that literally is totally undetectable and changes nothing with regard to their total superiority over melee. Ranged just runs ramp shod over melee while being on easy street.

Don't look for reasons, there are none beyond total incompetence of the combat team.