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I think the chief problem people have with all gunship or gunship + trace of bomber deathmatches is that in a game that seems to have a fairly rock-paper-scissor style of balance, the most readily workable counter at pretty much all levels of both skill and organization, is to answer with a mirror strategy.

So for example, if the opposition is scout heavy, then increasing your gunship ratio and having a bomber or two to shelter, shifts the match balance to be unfavorable to the scouts.

It holds generally for most combinations of ships. Overloading on a particular type allows the other team an advantage if they shift composition to take advantage of the weaknesses of that type. It works on teams overloaded with scouts, strikes, or bombers.

The problem is that gunships cover for the weaknesses of gunships pretty well, and a bomber or two covers for the weaknesses of gunships almost perfectly.

So while the counter to excess of any of the other ship classes is to load up on a different ship class, the counter to an excess of gunships is an excess of gunships. That sort of breaks the, "counter an excess of ship A by increasing your amount of ship B," system of team composition balance.

The question is whether the solution is to buff strikes until they can kill one bomber in less time than it takes 3 gunships to kill the strike, or if it's to buff the strike until it can pick off one gunship before 3 gunships can kill it.
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