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04.27.2019 , 11:50 PM | #9625
So, that just happened. Ran Korriban Incursion Vet on my merc healer with 3 people in the same guild. 2 70s and a 30something. I've never seen someone in 250 gear (DPS sin, mara, 30something merc queued as healer) be so paper thin. Worse, everything was taking forever to die. Almost wiped on trash. Did I mention 250 gear?

Aside from not knowing mechanics, standing in red circles, standing in even redder circles, dying and needing battle rez, going through 4 cycles of Vent Heat on a boss because they needed that much healing, needing to Vent Heat on trash...

The best part? Get to final boss. At 10%, all 3 DC at the same time. Not even joking - see "Fool 1 disconnected" "Fool 2 disconnected" "Fool 3 disconnected". I kill boss by myself, wait a good 10 minutes (partially because I wanted to see if a vote kick could work, partially because I am a masochist), and gave up.

And the worst part, I can't even ignore them, they're offline.

So, mental note of not grouping with some Ziost-based guild in the future.
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