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Omg. A friend told me to post this here. XD
Just had a flashpoint pub side where it was me on a male toon, 2 other dps, and a male toon healer (male toon thing is necessary to know, I'll get to that) with a hilarious name. I complimented their name and we get to chatting as we kill things. Cue only non-lvl 70 beginning to throw a fit. He tells us to quit chatting and just kill things. Like, the stuff was dying quick? What problem was there? Korriban Incursion btw. Anyways, so we ignore him, but chat falls silent for a bit cause awkward now with that guy. We continue on, kill the first boss, and then we get to the convo part. Now I play all the way zoomed out so I can't really see the characters. And I love outfits so I see the healer with an outfit combination I'd never seen before in the cutscene and I compliment him. Apparently this is the last straw for Mr. Not 70. He aborts the npc conversation, quits the group, and tells us to cut the "ho/mo sh/it" as he's being kicked from the phase. Even the fourth member was like "what the heck?". Needless to say, we called a comp and continued on our merry way with me having another name on the ignore list. XD Hate to break it to the rando dude, but I hope he doesn't ever get around to seeing Theron and Cytharat flirt options. Kinda hard to play an MMO with bi and gay NPCs if one can't handle the players being friendly. :P
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