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I do have one major complaint, though: with regards to targeting telemetry, please don't encourage people to use objectively bad components. I had [url=""a mathy thread about this a while ago[/url], but the tl;dr is that +25% surge +15% accuracy +10% crit just flat out does not ever compare to +33% rate of fire +10% damage.
It's not an objectively bad component. It's a utility component rather than an offensive cooldown. Better to say that choosing a utility cooldown in a type 2 scout is an odd choice when you have an offensive cooldown available to you.

Also rate of fire increases only do any good if you're hitting with the extra shots, which is one reason I recommend damage capacitors over frequency capacitors, especially for newer pilots. It takes an awful lot of flat DPS to beat out frontloaded damage (Blaster Overcharge counts as a lot, Frequency Capacitors don't, BO+FC really count as a lot if you do most of your shooting with BO active and hit with most of your shots). Of course, given that the context was landing rockets on target, one presumes that a wise pilot is hitting with most or all of their shots.

To get into it a little bit more, given that the Type 2 scouts are the premier dogfighters one should consider that role with respect to component choices. In the Systems slot there's an Offensive damage boost, a Mobility boost, and a Reconnaissance utility. Offense and Mobility fit with the role well, but with the Recon utility, the question to ask is, "Why aren't you flying a type 1 scout instead?" Or at the very least, "Why pick recon utility over damage or mobility boosts?"

**Edit: Oh, and while there's less than 2 pages to go on so far, this looks to have the potential to be a really great thread. Let's try to keep the quality pretty high.
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