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As a GM, I often come up with my own material, and for a major villain I created Darth Sorde. She was so popular among the group I played with that I continued the story line and eventually wrote four campaigns stretching across the majority of the Star Wars timeline. Each one was a continuation of the previous campaign, but focused on the descendants of the characters from the previous campaign. What I provided above is just a brief summary of the material I have written for the Mayne Family and Darth Sorde's descendants. I've been using and adding to this background for about 10 years in one form or another. When I started playing SW:TOR, I naturally chose the Mayne family as my legacy and decided to use the game to further the story of the Mayne Family of Force Users and the Daughters of Darth Sorde.

I have another toon that goes along with this backstory. Her name is Ghanys, a sith sorcerer.

A little background info first, Ghanys started as a minor dark Jedi I used as a thorn in the group's side during the second campaign called "The Shadow War". She defeated the heroes, and they wanted revenge, so I brought her back but with a backstory to go with her. Since then, they've encountered several "side kicks" with that name, and found out that "Ghanys" is actually a title and the name of a force using tradition that is passed on from one generation to the next.

Ghanys (Pronounced as "Janice")

"Ghanys" is more of a title rather than a name, which is given to the most loyal and devoted servant of the heiress of the Mayne Legacy. To be chosen for this prestigious position the servant must fill five specific criteria. 1) Must be female. 2) Must be non-human. In the past, Ghanys has been chiss, twi'lek, miralukan, togruta, zeltron, and zabrak. 3) Must be force sensitive. Due to the duties of the Ghanys Servant, she must be trained as well. 4) Must be a registered slave of the heiress. 5) There can be only one Ghanys Slave active at any given moment. In order to select a new slave to be given the title of "Ghanys", the previous one has to relinquish her title. This is done upon death.

The Ghanys Slave has specific duties. 1) Protect and Serve the Heiress. The Ghanys Slave is first and foremost the protector and bodyguard of the Heiress, especially when the Heiress is young and not fully trained to use the force. The Ghanys Slave is even willing to sacrifice her own life to make sure that the Heiress lives. 2) Train the Heiress. In times when a true mentor/teacher is absent, the Ghanys slave will act as the teacher. However, even though the Ghanys slave is trained to use the force and sith techniques, she is not a sith in and of herself. She is forbidden to claim the title of "Darth". 3) Select and Train her successor. Possibly the most disturbing duty of the Ghanys slave is to choose who will succeed you. As mentioned before, the title is passed on when the current Ghanys dies, which usually happens at the hands of the one who she has been training.

The current Ghanys Slave is a miralukan woman. Her birth name is irrelevant, as she simply goes by the name "Ghanys" now. She was able to take advantage of the newly lax requirements of the Korriban Academy and went there to be trained in the ways of the sith upon orders from the one she succeeded. When she completed the training, she returned to the previous one named Ghanys, and killed her to become the current holder of the title of Ghanys. Like countless numbers of nameless female aliens before her, she quietly and faithfully serves the current heiress: Athlai.