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Why Catkicker? The story of an RPG characters birth.

It all started in 1983 with a game called Castle Tellengard, for the commodore 64. This was my first RPG, and it had one problem, OK, 2 if you count the fact it took 15 minutes to load. The game required all save files to be named starting with SV. Now if you can come up with any name other than Sven, you're better off than I was. So, with this constraint, I came up with SVENDEGARD, as I was putting myself through college as a security guard, easy work after 5 years as a cop. In the years that followed many RPG's came and went, and I slowly came up with a story for Sven.

Sven was born at the end of the age of Vikings, at a time when all the good Viking names had been taken. Sven was a good Viking, very experienced, and good with a bow, something that set him apart from the rest of his Viking fellows. Yet, he was just Sven, nothing else, and he wanted a name to be known forever, like Eric the Red or even Haggar the Horrible. But, all were taken. So one day while he was pondering his dilemma in the Town Square, he, in a pique of anger kicked a cat. In a flash, he looked around, and all the villagers looking at him said, "Look, its Sven the Catkicker". Thus was born the Legend. In a way, Sven got what he wanted, a name that would be unforgettable, but it wasn't exactly what he'd been looking for.