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I'm fairly certain that the AWESOME ARTISTS that delivered such a BREATHTAKING scenery want to kill whoever ruined their hard work with the haphazard hooks.

Especially in the whole open range outside... poverty hooks! The cave? I could spend my gaming time just strolling around there. I wanted to make it a secret shrine to Revan, complete with its ancient Star Map... only... there's like two centerpieces and three medium hooks on the floor, three medium walls, and... end of story! What the hell? You can't even put vines or moss in there! Not one single hook in front of the hauntingly beautiful giant jedi head!

Same for the basement, I would so have crowded the ceiling with vines... descent into darkness. Haunted house style... cave of visions as for Luke on Dagobah... this one, with the big round head, symbolizes the dark side for me, the netherworld. While the one above it has daylight and crystal-clear pure water pouring in from the heavens and creating life... see where I'm going...

By the way I went through a lot of trouble reuniting a party of companions to become holos of Revan's companions: Mission Vao with Bowdaar, Bastila, HK-47, Canderous Ordo, Carth, T3-M4... brought to you by Vette, Bowdaar, Pierce, Kira etc and a little makeup.
I'm glad I resisted my urge to spend my last coin on super expensive "official" suits for them before testing it: IT DOESN'T WORK! They all reverted to their default skins as on GSH day one. There, Carth, sport your dreadlocks. Nice imperial uniform, Canderous. Oh you have a beard now?

Also what's with the main square bloated with centerpieces? Are we supposed to stack 9 Grand Statues there? Or dish out the same ruin corners 9 times? I could really use some of those big hooks a few feet from there, on the grass... by the second starship hook, especially. But no. There's... the Fury, and a swoop bike.

So long story short: PLEASE ADD NEW HOOKS. Don't add more hook allowance, just inject more interactable terrain.


Thank you

And hats off to the graphic artists, YOU ROCK!