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Change the Power Plan.

By default, the power settings in win 7 are not automatically set for Max performance. By default, its set for balanced, with increased energy consumption on your hardware. Changing the power plan decreases the consumption for your hardware and gives you a small performance gain.
  • Double click the ” Power Options ” in the Control panel.
  • Click the down arrow showing ” Show Additional Plans ” to see the ” High Performance ” power plan
  • Now just activate the ”*High*Performance*” plan and that’s it.
  • You may go for the advanced settings for further tweaking if you want.

And finally!

My recommended Software to speed up windows 7

Wise registry Cleaner
TCP Optimizer (Very Advanced users only)
TeraCopy (Replaces default windows copy utility and is much faster)

There are many more tweaks you can use, but they are only a very minor saving on resources. The above are the biggest savers.
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