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this is exactly why she should be considered and you are missing the point of what she is anyway, a sith. she will always have another angle to play, that is what a sith does. she will look for the best way to take you out with maximum punishment, in knowing who you are and exactly what you will do while being there personally to oversee these choices, this makes for a perfect envionment to learn everything about her enemy from within and know exactly how to counter it or prevent it before there is even a problem.

same for theron and it's because he is a spy, it's his job to become someone else, to learn, to sabotage and divide targets up by suspicion either on behalf of a group he represents or for his own goals. he is a spy and by default you can never trust him.
Talking about Theron as a trained spy. Imagine the outcome with romanced Theron being the traitor and telling you getting close to you was a part of the job - that's actually pretty heartbreaking.