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just occurred to me, hk-55 could be that traitor. who knows how long HK-55 was held in a powered down mode, the idea has some logic to it because HK-55 is a droid and can be reprogrammed and have a hidden programme that activates every so often to evesdrop on anything important, being a droid as well, it makes it easier to record everything HK-55 sees.

what if the shroud was working for the scions and they were working for valkorion, it would make a lot more sense why the shroud manipulated Marr and the outlander to Zakuul, ultimately it gets valkorion and the shroud what they want, the ability to manipulate and control this threat for their own purposes. the shroud mentioned that it hated the outlander and it may have had a longer term plan in place and using HK-55 at the right time through Tyth or the scions at the very least goes some way of confirming that there is still a plan in place to contain the outlander/commander.
Not everyone has HK-55. His return was a subscriber reward so for a lot of people HK-55 was destroyed and completely unrepairable.