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12.12.2013 , 07:14 PM | #101
One particular Scout build can potentially out-DPS strikes for a short period. Not everyone uses that particular build or ability.

As for turning fights, I don't do them. Ever. Turning fights make a scout into a sitting wet paper back when the opponent's strike or gunship buddies show up. I execute slashing attacks that leave me exposed for the shortest period of time possible, and never engage opponents that outnumber me.

I also don't engage other scouts one-on-one, but will engage strikes and gunships 1v1 because I have the ability to disengage at any time. I focus on speed and GTHO ability because as a scout pilot, I know just how killable they are when they get in over their head. Anytime I find myself on the small side of 2v1 it is GTHO time, because I only have so many cooldowns.

A lot of people here need to read the Dicta Boelke. Start applying those principles and you will be killing everything in no time, no matter what you fly.