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Covering itself gives you 20% ranged defence, immunity to pull/charges, interrupts and ability pushback.
Aggro drop taht gives you 50% speed boost for 6 seconds
5 secons of full evasion + 75% damage reduction from Force/Tech attacks
Grenade (knocks from feet standart and week enemies)
BALLISTIC SHIELD (huge aoe 25 seconds raid save that gives 20% damage reduction, more with utilities)
Aoe+immobilise knockback
Roll forvard that gives you 2 seconds of total evasion (pretty neat OH SH*T button)
AoE accuracy (45%!) debuff ("Miss me with that sh*t")
ENTRENCH (immune to all crowd control, 60% damage reduction from all AoE damage, 25 seconds length)
Another immobilize
IMPERIAL PREPARATION that refreshes your cooldowns on evasion, agro drop, self shield, roll, aoe knockback and entrench. You basicly have two stacks of them!

Yes, we're THAT op. Yes, that's why we always get focused, because you if dont focus a sniper - that f*cker will be an absolute pain in the a*s.

In PvE we have 35 meters range (all other classes have 30), a super-convenient AoE (only Sorcerers and Mercenaries have a better one - they dont have to take cover for it) and awesome looks. Some snipers in this game look like a freaking Barrett sniper rifle (X-52 Wraith Infiltrator, google it).
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