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I donít speak Imp, so Iíll give you the amazingly great and beautiful Pub version... (no need to thank me).

Scoundrel is a melee class that has access to both DPS, Heals. Their DPS, Off-heals and Heals are considered to be one of the best in the game. They are very slippery to deal with in PvP and will frequently run circles around you while healing themselves while doing damage to you. They are very vulnerable when stunned but they have the damage reduction to get out and keep fighting. This annoying-ness makes them the bane of the other classes and most will usable deal with you last unless you come across another Scoundrel. In PvE, most Scoundrels you see in PvE as usually healers though the DPS variants are great because of their easy to learn rotations. In general, an easy class to learn but a hard one to master; a fine choice. One of my favorites and my main. Scrapper is a burst spec which focuses on destroying your enemy when the weapons you were born with: your fists. You also get to roll through basically every CC and damage ability in the game. Ruffian is a burst spec which is considered to be one of the best, theyíre high burst spammable gets stronger with each dot on your target. Your roll, unlike the Scrapper, does protect you from damage and CC (you get a 20% chance to dodge it) but instead allows you get a free Kolto Pack which is pretty powerful. Saw ones is the heal spec that focuses on small burst and heavy HoTs; the class is considered to be the most fun healing spec in the game.

Gunslingers are a ranged DPS class. What they lack in mobility makes up in an arsenal of defenses; no other class has so many offensive and defensive abilities. They are usually targeted first in Arenas (Ranked PvP) because of their incredible burst. Each of their specs (Sharpshooter, Saboteur and Dirty Fighting) both offer a variety of means to destroy your enemies. Sharpshooter is a hard-hitting burst class. Saboteur is a combination of DoT and Burst they are great in both single target and AoE and is also considered to be the one of the hardest classes to learn. Dirty Fighting is shared between Scoundrel and Gunslinger with minor differences between them (though Scoundrel variant is one of the highest parsing class in the game). In PvE, they are regarded as good Ranged DPS capable of providing a damage reduction shield to the whole raid group. A difficult class to master in both PvE and PvP resulting in it being targeted first in Ranked PvP. They also get a teleport in 6.0 but who cares about that lol.

Thatís just a quick write-up. If you have any questions feel free to ask! Enjoy the Smuggler class; the best class in the game.
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