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engineering is not easy thats why your damage is low.
get better or switch to mm its easier
It's not that engineering has to have player "get better" get big big dps numbers engineering has to use aoe... and if the other team in regs has a good healer let alone 2 most of that damage is useless and just fluff numbers that looks "pretty" at end of match

Engineering/ Sabs come into their own in defending / taking objectives and are the tackiest most long living of the sniper/gunslinger trees ... they are also the best at shutting down enemy healers which takes time and those abilities NEVER show up in the score ever

So When you see one that did huge numbers ... meh doesn't mean **** ... just a bunch of grouped up enemies an engineering / sab aoe targeted a lot that the other teams healer more than likely healed through as if it was nothing trying to be a DPS king on engineering / sab means more than likely your playing it wrong and we're not using more valuable abilities / comboes to either take defend nodes or shut healers down and take down low health enemies of opportunity

Many will disagree with this but I do not care lol ... because well .. I'm correct heh