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A root is not a stun as it does not stop you from attacking/using defensives. Playing deception/infiltration in tank stance was never meta and existed way before 5.0. I created the first version of that when we still had the points to put into trees (12/31/3). Turrican was another player who played it but used a more defensive version which was like (18/27/1) if i remember correctly.
Ok yeah I don't normally use the term root as it confuses me since I got told by a friend (He was from EVE) "A root spell immobilizes a target. The target is to be rooted." normally I use the terminology such as Snare/Slow, Hard Stun and Mezzes.

Nah not all that time ago, lol you know when they removed active stances and made them passive in 5.0 it caused Assassins to have a double passive stance, even some who had changed specs in 5.0 benefited from both specs passive stance.

Yeah you talking hybrids that was way before considering the removal of class trees in 3.0.
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