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If you are going to level up your crew skills anyways, you can do one of two things. You can craft all your mats in the hopes of learning blues/purples for yourself....or you can only level your craft with the cheapest recipes and sell the rest of the mats.

If you sell the rest of your mats, you CAN earn a profit. There will be those that want to learn many blue/purple recipes for themselves, their guildmates and to sell on the GTN. These people will need LOTS of blue mats, thus you can make money selling these mats, and the purple ones as well, but perhaps not as much.

The blue mats, they need to burn through in the hopes of learning the purple. These will fetch the highest price right now, and eventually we will start to see the price normalize as people catch on and bring competition to the market.

Those that do learn the purple recipes will not likely earn enough profit right away to cover the cost of all those mats, but they can supply the best gear for themselves and their friends for that level. They will also be able to sell the purples, but at a price that won't make their money back until they sell quite a few over time.

Unless youre getting mats from friends, it may be best not to try to learn purples, as you may not have enough for speederbike training at 25. (~40k).

As your crew skills enter the higher levels, you can then go back to the lower level mission skills to get the mats for lower level crafts with higher efficiency (and relatively cheaper). You can then learn the purples to sell on the GTN, without incurring so much of a loss.