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Oh, and just to be clear here... Since freakin when has DPS EVER.. and I mean EVER kept it in their pants long enough, for a tank to build enough tps or basically do their job? Only if they'd get kicked after being told how many times? You expect much from a PUG. So basically, what the real advice is.. "run w/ ppl you know or don't do it at all "
Bad DPS is bad, if your dps can't keep it in their pants long enough, or refuse to follow any sort of kill order, then your problem is probably not a tanking problem, it is a dps problem. Let them die a couple times from the things they pull off you, and if they complain, tell them to kill things in the proper order and to give you a few seconds to establish threat. If you absolutely cannot find dps that aren't idiots, then I suggest you join a guild that will run stuff with you.