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1. What is crafting mostly used for these days?
  • Is it only useful for end-game players? (and so leveling up during early levels is required)
  • Is it useful for lower level players? (<75)
  • Why choose Synthweaving and craft armor if I'm swapping out my armor constantly as I level up? (same for artifice and lightsabers, for example)
  • Mostly endgame augments,augment kits, reuables, and consumables.
  • conquest crafting (just crafting a tion of cheap junk fast for conquest points is still viable at lower levels, as is cosmetic items (mostly armors from synth and armormech, and dyes from artifice)
  • for yourself? no reason... for cosmetic items (and the augments) is pretty much the only real reason

2. In my crafting menu, I can choose in the drop-down box to show ALL schematics, including those that I haven't learned yet. Are these truly ALL of them? I'm not really impressed by many of them. I got the impression that there are more schematics I could learn that will be added to this list, but they're hidden? (even when showing All)
No,, just the base versions of MOST of them. syth and armormech have some different appearance one that you can learn from deconstruction, artifice has a bunch of dyes you can learn from reputation vendors... and for the most part that's all you'll care about

3. For earning credits, I keep reading that simply picking 3 gathering skills and selling mats is the way to go. I also hear that crafting Biochem stims and adrenals and selling those are profitable. Is this true and accurate? If so, which stims and which adrenals? What other items can I craft that sell well? (and actually earn profit)
crafting for profit is all the items listed in the beginning of this post, maybe throw in some grenades that stun (popular with the pvp crowd and level doesn't matter much). check GTN for what stims and adrenals are popular

4. For how long should I run Crew skill gathering missions? (Slicing for example, or Bioanalysis) I keep reading that, eventually, you lose money on it, and should just simply pick up the nodes on the map. Higher-grade missions cost more than they pay this true?
complete BS. the one materials missions that cost more than they are worth are grade 1-4 vendor mats (in general).... all the reast are worth more than they sell for, at every single grade. mostly you never want to run anything but rich/wealthy missions for grade 1-10 (here's a spreadsheet that gives relative cost/values of missions) Obviously harvested mats are even cheaper, since you pay nothing but time... but it's not something you can do in the backgroud, or offline.

Lockbox missions are the exception here, since you're just vendoring what's left... I wouldn't bother with the treasure hunting ones at all, but if you have max comps, then the slicing ones can yield mission discoveries which people pay far more than they're worth for.
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