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The subtext here always seems to be... "I don't want things that are sexualized in some way," with "impracticality" being given as an excuse.
I think the much bigger point is that if one gender is going to get ridiculously impractical sexualized clothing, then the other should have the same opportunity to wear the same ridiculously impractical sexualized clothing. Personally, I don't care how stupid other people's female characters and companions look as long as I have the same opportunity to dress my male characters and companions the same way.

What I would like to see is the high heel aficionados documenting high heels in the Star Wars universe. Don't just ask for them. Show why they belong! It's a vast universe with an impressive variety of clothing from massive, ornate formal wear to barely there dancer band aids. I'd be more in favor of adding high heels if they can be documented. I can't think of any in-universe examples at the moment.