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This post makes vividly clear the issues many people have with requiring this playstyle of a tank. Assassin tank play is more like a DPS rotation where you are forced to monitor multiple, similar-looking buffs and procs. The difference is that when a DPS does this poorly, they simply output less DPS. When a shadow tank does it poorly, they are more likely to cause their group to wipe. Their survival is at stake. And they receive little compensation for this risk. Shadow tanks are both more difficult to play and not as good as tanks with better innate mitigation.

In addition, a shadow tank staring at their buffs has less ability to monitor the fight, make adjustments, and react appropriately to novel situations. This decreases their QOL compared to other tanks, who are accustomed to being able to do this.

KPN's "stress free" guide makes clear out exactly how much monitoring and micromanaging is necessary to not die as a shadow tank. Thank you for the interesting guide.
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