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11.25.2020 , 06:22 PM | #1
Hello developers,

As well as exploring the game's maps, and its PvE content, I'm also an avid RPer. As such I am regularly keeping an eye out for good RP spots, and Ossus was a treasure trove of such locations. What really captured my attention were the instances for the Endurance datacron such as the ruins with the tree, and especially the caves. I consider those dark caves as the best cave location in the whole game. They are positively beautiful.

My one greedy complaint is that once you have the datacron you are henceforth locked out of those instances on the character you completed them on. So while I've left them incomplete on all future characters in case I want to use those locations for a RP it doesn't help the characters that have already done them. Could those instances possibly be opened up much like the mastery datacron on Onderon?

Thank you for your time.